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On the morning of May 19, 2016, two medical admiral came calling at the Bharti Hospital in Mhaisal, a tiny apple on the banks of the Krishna river in Sangli district. Perched on the bend of Maharashtra and adjoining Karnataka, rumours of sex-selective abortions at the hospital had brought it beneath the lens of the authorities. Almost a km away, at the government-run Primary Bloom Centre (PHC), colourful posters on attention the babe adolescent aimed at alteration mindsets. ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ (educate the babe child, assure the babe child), the posters exhorted villagers.

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Armed with an bearding complaint accustomed by the Collector, Dr. Vijay Jadhav and Dr. Ashok Mohite, both government medical officers, advised the two-storey bungalow in a attenuated lane that additionally houses a dozen residential premises. They arrested the registers and looked around. There were no signs of abundant women. However, two patients were begin accepted — one for diarrhoea and the added with typhoid. Dr. Babasaheb Khidrapure, a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS), the buyer of the hospital, was accustomed a apple-pie chit. “Nothing apprehensive found,” their address stated.

Ten months later, on March 3, 2017, two State medical officers, Dr. J.K. Momin and Dr. Suresh Kamble, raided the hospital again. Twenty-six-year-old Swati Jamdade had died on March 1, afterward a botched-up aborticide on the hospital’s premises. This time, the doctors accustomed with a badge aggregation in tow. To their horror, they apparent a full-fledged operation theatre in the basement actuality run by the homeopath, who was not acceptable to conduct surgical procedures. The white-tiled basement additionally had two apple-pie rooms, with beds. Dr. Khidrapure was boilerplate to be seen. He had fled afore the raid. A computer table in the bend was ample with registers. While abounding things appeared displaced and missing to the raiding officers, they bedeviled aggregate they could lay their easily on, and questioned locals.

A accepted band of analytic led the investigating aggregation to Ravi Sutar, the bounded milkman who was additionally tasked with administration biomedical decay from the hospital. Sutar acicular to an breadth almost 150 m away. On March 5, the badge unearthed what Dr. Khidrapure had been burying — 19 foetuses were exhumed, arranged in dejected artificial accoutrements and active in a mud pit. Some in avant-garde stages of decomposition, others afresh buried, these were the aborted foetuses over the accomplished two months, assured the police. The foetuses accept been beatific for DNA testing.

If Dr. Khidrapure had agitated out 19 actionable abortions in two months, how abounding approaching babies had the doctor asleep in his convenance over the aftermost eight years, the badge now wonder.

Dr. Babasaheb Khidrapure actuality produced in cloister in affiliation with the aborticide agitation case.  

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Swati, from Manerajuri village, 40 km abroad from Mhaisal, was a mother of two — four-year-old Swaranjali and one-and-a-half-year-old Pranjali — and was abundant with her third child. Her bedmate Pravin, a farmer, capital a boy and was atrocious to apperceive the sex of the approaching child. “Chachni karun ghe (Get the analysis done),” a acquaintance appropriate to Pravin and referred him to Dr. Khidrapure’s hospital. On February 28, Pravin landed at the Bharti Hospital with his wife, again in her fifth ages of pregnancy. Afterwards a abrupt affair with Dr. Khidrapure, the brace was referred to Dr. Srihari Ghodke’s berth in the adjoining Kagwad apple in Karnataka, six km abroad from Mhaisal, breadth a sonography was conducted. With the Maharashtra government befitting an hawkeye eye on hospitals, sex assurance was a austere no-no. But in adjoining Karnataka, rules were lax. There was no paperwork involved. Dr. Khidrapure abreast Pravin that it was a babe and he promptly offered to arrest the foetus.

Despite his wife’s pleadings, Pravin accepted her to the Bharti Hospital on March 1. He alleged his father-in-law Sunil Jhadhav, who lives in Puducherry, to acquaint that he was activity advanced with the abortion. “I dissuaded him from activity advanced with the activity and asked him to argue a doctor,” Jhadhav told The Hindu. But by then, Dr. Khidrapure had already induced labour by agreement aborticide pills Misoprostol in the patient.

In a amount of four hours, Misoprostol induces cramps and bleeding through which a woman aborts. Doctors additionally backpack out a exhaustion aspiration to abolish the capacity of the uterus. But afore Dr. Khidrapure could backpack out the procedure, Swati became asthmatic and her activity deteriorated. Ill-equipped to handle an emergency, Dr. Khidrapure asked Pravin to blitz his wife to the Bharati Vidyapeeth Hospital in Miraj, 20 km abroad from Mhaisal. Swati succumbed on her way to the hospital. Her ancestors afterwards affected Pravin to booty the anatomy to the Sangli Civilian Hospital. As the accommodating was brought dead, the doctors abreast the Miraj badge as per protocol. The police, in turn, able Pravin, who blurted out that his wife had died during an abortion.

But aback the badge stumbled on the foetuses, what emerged was a multi-State agitation that Dr. Khidrapure was running. To date, the badge accept arrested 12 bodies including Dr. Khidrapure, two doctors from Karnataka who conducted the sex assurance tests, and four agents — Saatgonda Patil and Veerangonda Gumte from Belgaum and Yasin Tehsildar and Sandip Jadhav from Kolhapur — who preyed on couples atrocious for a macho adolescent and acquisitive to arrest the changeable foetuses.

Dr. Khidrapure grew up in Kanwad apple that avalanche beneath Kolhapur district. Afterwards commutual his studies in homeopathy in Belgaum, he opened a babyish berth in Mhaisal breadth he assigned medicines for accessory ailments like fever, affliction and dog bites. It was ancient in 2008 that he bought a allotment of acreage on which he congenital the Bharti Hospital and began alms hysterectomy and appendectomy surgeries by agreeable doctors from Sangli, best of whom were retired practitioners from the Sangli Civilian Hospital, to accomplish on patients. The badge are analytic the doctors who formed here.

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“The commune bloom admiral were able-bodied acquainted about all the illegalities from the actual beginning. But they artlessly angry a dark eye,” alleges Ashok Wadar, an activist from Mhaisal who had accounting the bearding letter to the Collector in 2016 afterward which the medical admiral were beatific for an inspection. He additionally claims to accept fabricated 30 calls on the government’s toll-free cardinal meant for whistle-blowers who appetite to highlight Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act violations. “But no one paid heed to my complaints,” he says, abacus that Dr. Khidrapure had “top connections” due to which no one dared to booty him on.

Incidentally, the PHC that stands aural a km from Dr. Khidrapure’s hospital is administered by a Commune Bloom Officer (DHO) who additionally has the albatross of befitting tabs on clandestine nursing homes in the area. “I never accustomed any complaints about the hospital,” says Dr. Ram Hankare, DHO aback the accomplished three years. “The doctor was apparently administering actionable abortions during night and it is the civilian surgeon’s job to accumulate a watch,” Dr. Hankare told The Hindu. Aback questioned, the civilian surgeon, Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, tossed it appropriate aback at the DHO: “It is the DHO’s albatross to accumulate a watch on the medical establishments in his area.”

Of the 25 clandestine nursing homes in Mhaisal, alone one has the licence to run an In-Patient Department (IPD) and can accept patients. Bharti Hospital does not affection on this account but Dr. Khidrapure still accepted patients.

During the March 3 arrest on Bharti Hospital, the badge found, besides the basement operation theatre and two rooms, surgical accessories such as belly retractors, arced avenue forceps, Sims speculum, dilator, allis tissue forceps and circling needles; oxygen cylinders; an X-ray machine; huge quantities of aborticide pills; and added medications that were charred. A ample aqueduct connects the basement to the arising arrangement alfresco and the badge doubtable that some of the aborted foetuses would accept been alone through it. The badge accept learnt that best of the abortions were agitated out application Misoprostol; the hospital was affairs the biologic in aggregate from a Sangli-based distributor, Sunil Khedkar. However, the absence of a sonography apparatus acclimated to actuate the sex of the foetus puzzled the police. The chase took the badge beyond the bound into Karnataka.

During the chase at Bharti Hospital, the Miraj Rural badge stumbled aloft names of some doctors in the registers. A arrest conducted in Dr. Srihari Ghodke’s berth in Kagwad, Karnataka yielded two sonography machines. The berth functioned mostly at night. “The patients were beatific for sonography tests to Kagwad and the aborticide would be conducted in Mhaisal,” says Dattatray Shinde, Superintendent of Police, Sangli.

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Run from a two-storey bungalow, the berth stands almost 100 m from the Kagwad badge base and addition 200 m from the government-run Community Bloom Centre. Dr. Ghodke, 68, who has been arrested, is said to accept been active the berth for over two decades. “It was a maternology home at aboriginal that abruptly shut down. Afterwards on, we could alone see some activity afterwards 11 p.m. There would be couples activity in and out of the bungalow,” says a local, abacus that anybody in the breadth knew that article actionable was happening. But the badge chose to about-face a dark eye. “Why should we appointment any clinics? We alone investigate cases that appear to us,” says Laxman Ajjanagi, arch constable at the Kagwad badge station. Kagwad avalanche beneath the Belgaum commune that has 242 registered PCPNDT centres and over 2,400 medical centres.

Meanwhile, the Miraj badge accept arrested addition doctor, Ramesh Devgikar, 64, from Bijapur in Karnataka who has a Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis and is doubtable to accept beatific several patients for aborticide to Dr. Khidrapure’s hospital. The badge accept bedeviled two sonography machines from him as well. The Devgikar X-ray and Sonography Centre is amid the dozen-odd babyish and ample hospitals, nursing homes and radiology centres broadcast beyond a 300-metre ambit in the busy, attenuated lane in Meenakshi Chowk. A retired doctor from the government-run commune hospital in Bijapur, Devgikar set up his clandestine centre 15 years ago. His appointment with the law dates aback to 2015 aback he was aboriginal appointed beneath the PCPNDT Act by bloom admiral who additionally bedeviled his sonography machine. While the apparatus was afterwards returned, the case is still awaiting in court. Neighbours say Devgikar had the busiest convenance in the area. On average, he conducted added than 50 obstetric sonographies in a day. Badge are still investigating into how abounding of these were for sex determination.

Health workers from Bijapur say that sex-selective abortions are acutely accepted in the area. “We appear beyond abounding women who accept one or two daughters and acquaint us that they don’t appetite addition girl. Suddenly during a medical check-up, we apprentice that these women accept had a aborticide or a stillbirth,” says a bloom worker, abacus that the government has fabricated it binding for them to advance ‘tayee’ or mother cards on which capacity of abundant women and their absolute accouchement are mentioned. According to her, a bloom artisan keeps clue of 20-22 abundant women annually, of which at atomic 3-4 abide abortions.

Sources from Bijapur say best audience advancing to Devgikar were from Sangli and Miraj. “The doctors are carefully affiliated with the agents who accomplish from bound districts of Karnataka such as Belagavi. Some of the agents accept their own cartage which they use to backpack the abundant women to Bijapur from Maharashtra for sonographies,” says a source, abacus that the gender is appear in a actual methodical way. All the doctors accept their different cipher words. “The acknowledgment is done to the abettor always. One of the best accepted codes is pointing at the ear aback it’s a girl, as girls abrasion earrings. If they blow the nose, it agency a boy.”

A massive crackdown on sonography centres had amorphous in 2011 in Maharashtra, and bloom admiral and the badge doubtable this is what prompted Dr. Khidrapure to analyze options beyond the border. According to Deputy Superintendent of Badge (Miraj division) Dheeraj Patil, Dr. Khidrapure answerable anywhere amid ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 per aborticide while the doctors administering the sex assurance tests would allegation ₹3,000 to ₹10,000 per analysis depending on the contour of the patients and the agents would accomplish ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 per couple.

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At the amount of these abortions is the abiding admiration in association to accept a boy, an beneficiary to the family. “Everyone wants one boy at least. What is there to accept in this?” says Namdeo Suryavanshi, a Mhaisal agriculturalist who has two daughters age-old four and two and whose wife Meenakshi is assured a third babyish soon. “It is not that I am not activity to attending afterwards my daughters. They are additionally important. But a son will complete our family,” says Suryavanshi, who works in a sugar-cane farm. Aback asked if he went for any sex assurance tests, Suryavanshi promptly says, “I accept got all my wife’s tests done at the Miraj Civilian Hospital.”

Shafiabi Inamdar, 62, from the neighbouring Kanwad apple has seven daughters. “Today if I had a boy, he would accept been there to attending afterwards me and booty affliction of this house,” she says. “The mothers are helpless. There is amazing burden on them to accept a boy. The ancestors and the husbands are barbarous aback it comes to accepting a babe adolescent back-to-back,” says Rajashri Zare, an Accredited Social Bloom Activist (ASHA) from the village. “Everyone aloof wants vanshacha diva (lineage flame).”

“All I anytime capital was for my son-in-law to accumulate my babe happy,” says Swati’s ancestor Sunil Jhadhav. “We had shelled out ₹3 lakh in cash, 150 grams of gold and an absolute ‘sansar set’ that consists of all domiciliary things like television, refrigerator, dining table, daybed set, utensils, bed etc.”

Clearly, that was not enough.

with Firoz Rozindar in Bijapur

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